Saturday, October 08, 2011


I finally put up the emacs based code import-management solution I've been using for a while. I wrote a similar thing a few years ago at Google, but I rethought and rewrote this, plus added a bunch of ert tests. I've put it up as code-imports in github.  The module allows you to organize imports according to predefined rules, as well as grab other files as imports and add them as imports to a target file.

As opposed to the earlier incarnation, I've extracted as much as the logic as possible into purely functional functions, which makes it easy to test.  In my experience, import management is complicated enough that manual testing is just not enough to ensure a stable product.  Testing the code thoroughly is one way to solve this problem.  I've also simplified the number of concepts in the code, and the number of variable to tweak to the bare minimum.

I'm going to refine this a bit, then announce it more broadly shortly.

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